Remote Feder Cotrol (RFC)

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Robota’s Futuristic Energy Management System (RFC) offers real-time tracking, intelligent scheduling, and robust surge protection, enhancing energy control and efficiency with features like Group ON/OFF and customizable meter types. Elevate your energy management with Robota’s advanced RFC system.

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Specification and Features RFC:

1. Group ON/OFF:
– Control energy consumption by toggling between groups.
– Intuitive and seamless switching for better energy management.

– Precision monitoring capabilities.
– Track the following parameters in real-time:
– Kilowatt-Hours (KWH)
– Voltage (V)
– Current (I)
– Power Factor (PF)
– Frequency

3. Real-Time Status:
– Provides real-time updates on energy usage and system status.
– Ensures timely decision-making with up-to-date information.

4. Scheduling:
– Intelligent scheduling feature.
– Optimize energy usage by setting schedules for energy consumption.

5. Grid Status:
– Real-time updates on the status of the energy grid.
– Helps navigate and manage energy usage effectively.

6. NO/NC Event, Group Control:
– Seamless handling of Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) events.
– Dynamic group control for flexible and reliable energy management.

7. 10KV Surge Protection with 440V:
– Provides protection against surges up to 10KV.
– Ensures equipment safety with robust surge protection.

8. Set Meter Type:
– Allows customization of the meter type.
– Supports both single-phase and polyphase systems.

These features collectively enhance energy management, offering precision, real-time updates, intelligent scheduling, and robust protection, making the Flex Desk an advanced and reliable energy management solution.


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