Automatic Boom Barrier IDT ECO 4

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The device features high control precision, torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, and low noise. It includes a bi-directional boom holder design for easy left or right installation, a manual clutch for manual operation during power outages, and a double-tension spring crank for a stable and reliable structure. It responds quickly to obstacles, includes counting and delay auto-closing functions, and has auto-aging test functionality. Additionally, it offers optional NO/NC wire control signal input, integrated RS485 communication, infrared photocell, loop detector interface, and can be equipped with an RJ45 network, loop detector, and radar module.

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1). It has high control precision, high torque density, good torque balance, low power consumption, high efficiency, and low noise.
2). Bi-direction boom holder design: left-installation and right-installation can be exchanged easily and quickly.
3). Manual clutch design: when power-of, turn the handwheel a little, and then move the boom by hand.
4). Double tension spring crank transmission design, for a more stable and reliable structure. 5). More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on obstacles.
6). with counting, delay auto-closing, and auto-aging test function. 7). NO/NC wire control signal inputs are optional.
8). Integrated RS485 communication, infrared photocell, and loop detector interface. RJ45 network, loop detector, and radar module can be added.

Technical Specification

ModelIDT ECO 4
Running Speed3S
Boom TypeSwing Fixed Arm
Max Boom Length4M
Housing Dimension362*325*1030 mm
Input VoltageAC220V±10%, AC110V ±10%
Motor VoltageDC310V
Enclosure RatingIP54
Working Temperature-35°C~+85°C
MTBF3.5 Million cycles
Traffic Flow Application3000 times/24hours
Max Motor Power150W
Max Motor Speed24r/min
Max Torque240N.m


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